See one of the State’s most significant Aboriginal sites

Widespread Murray River vistas throughout sweeping lagoons and backwaters surround Nildottie as you approach from Mannum, which have to be seen to be believed.

Nildottie is a small township and is one of the widespread grape growing districts in the region.  You will pass through Nildottie on your way to Swan Reach from Mannum and is set high on the river cliffs and is home to the majestic Big Bend cliffs around the corner approximately 122 kilometres from Adelaide.

Stop off at the ‘Big Bend’ lookout and amaze at the enormity of the Murray River gorge and the ancient limestone cliffs.

Greenways Landing is a popular fishing and recreational spot and the general store has everything you need.

Experience a walk through Aboriginal Dreaming and Culture at the Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park in one of the State’s most significant Aboriginal Sites near Nildottie.  The Nganguraku people will welcome you to this 20 million year old cultural site river boardwalk and birthplace of the ‘Black Duck Dreaming’.

You may not be aware but many years ago on the Devon Downs
Station near Nildottie, a skeleton of an Aboriginal boy in rock on
Tartanga Island near the Devon Downs homestead was discovered 
and it is believed approximately 7000 years old and later known as 
‘the Tartangan Man’!