Community Engagement

Mid Murray Council is committed to connecting and engaging more closely with communities across the district.

It has formed strong links with local progress associations and community groups across five zones. Each of these groups plays a key role in representing to Council the needs, interests and priorities for their local area as part of its financial and project planning processes.

Council will meet with these organisations throughout October and November 2019 to report on the successful delivery of projects across each of the five zones and discuss the community’s needs for the next 12 months.

Now is the time for residents to get involved in the process by reviewing their area’s District Action Planand providing feedback to their local community group, which will be passed directly on to Council.

Your local contact

Each town in the district has its own representative body that meets and communicates regularly with Council. If you have a local issue, priority project or idea for your community, your local representative body is the best place to raise it. Councillors are often members of these community groups and will collect feedback to bring directly to Council to help guide its decision making.

A full list of the community groups Council works closely with and the relevant contact details is available here: Mid Murray Council Progress Associations

Priority projects

Council works closely with the nominated community groups in each of the five designated zones across its district to determine which projects, programs and initiatives will be prioritised for action, further investigation and grant funding opportunities.

The best way to show your support for a local project is to contact your representative community group.

In deciding on priorities for each town, Council strongly considers feedback from these groups. It also must consider the following:

District Action Plans

District Action Plans were developed in 2018 following consultation with the community for each of the five zones across the Council district. These plans identify local projects and needs across a range of areas including infrastructure provision, open space and recreation, community support and economic development. They also identify opportunities for Council to work collaboratively with community groups to deliver projects for their local area.

View your town’s District Action Plan here

Open Space, Recreation and Public Realm Plan

Council’s Open Space, Recreation and Public Realm Planwas developed in 2017 through consultation with the community. It identifies the open space, recreation and public realm needs, projects and priorities across the district. These projects are subject to the support of Council’s Open Space and Recreation Committee, of Council itself and of the ability to secure State or Federal Government grant funding.

Open space and recreation projects will soon also be subject to a new Open Space Prioritisation Model. This will mean that each park and reserve will be given a classification (active, passive or not developed) that will help ensure Council is investing in projects that provide the greatest benefit to its ratepayers.