Habitat Stepping Stones Program

Mid Murray’s wildlife are doing it tough!

Habitat Stepping Stones LogoMid Murray Council is encouraging local residents to help threatened native wildlife species after becoming the first South Australian Council to partner with the award-winning Habitat Stepping Stones program.

The biodiversity program, designed by the Australian Research Institute for Environment and Sustainability, encourages residents to discover how they can help create stepping stones between existing wildlife corridors by adding food, water and shelter elements to attract wildlife to their gardens.

In conjunction with Mid Murray Landcare South Australia, the program was launched locally by Mid Murray Council on
1 November 2017.

As an incentive, the first 25 Mid Murray residents to sign up or “pledge” to the program will be given two free native plants to begin their own biodiverse backyard habitat.

It’s easy! Just add a few habitat elements to your backyard or balcony to create a valuable wildlife-friendly stopover.

How it works

1.  Discover

Visit the Habitat Stepping Stones website to pledge your support and to see dozens of beautiful food, water and shelter elements you can add to your backyard or balcony to help our local wildlife.Habitat Stepping Stones_Birds

2.  Pledge

Select three or more elements to add to your place. You can even show you care by choosing to have a bird appear on the online map.

Any 3 elements = Green bird
Any 5 elements = Blue bird
7+ elements = Red bird

3.  Share

Join the Habitat Stepping Stones Facebook community to find out what’s happening in the natural world and share your pictures, tips and stories.

What you get

Enjoy the wonders of nature, right outside your window!

Plus, free plants and discounts from local nurseries
Plus, local wildlife news and tips
Plus, a Habitat Stepping Stone plaque for your front fence

Get the kids involved and excited about helping out!
Become part of Mid Murray’s Habitat Stepping Stones community!


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