Home Energy

Managing Your Home Energy Costs and Usage

Have you ever thought about how much your electrical appliances are costing you? Did you know you can do your own home energy audit and find out just where your money goes.

If you would like to learn more about how to manage your home energy costs and use visit www.sa.gov.au/energysmart. You will find information on how to check and reduce your energy use, information on how much your household appliances and other energy users are costing you, how you could make your home more energy efficient, how to read your meters, how to understand your energy bills and much more.

Information brochures are available at the Council Office and your Local Library on the following:

  • Easy ways to save energy                                              Energy
  • Summer cooling guide
  • Do your own home energy audit
  • How to calculate running costs
  • Understanding your electricity bills
  • Managing your energy bills
  • Reading electricity and gas meters
  • Using electricity and gas meter readings

The Mid Murray Council Libraries have a Home Energy Toolkit that can be borrowed free of charge for you to undertake your home energy audit. Mid Murray Libraries are located at Blanchetown, Cambrai, Mannum, Morgan, and Swan Reach. 

If you need help and advice on a range of energy topics you can contact the Government of South Australia's Energy Advisory Service on 8204 1888 or 1800 671 907 or click here.