Wanted Suppliers & Contractors

The Mid Murray Council would like to expand the value of goods and services purchased locally to help our local economy grow and prosper.  If your business has the capability, capacity and competitiveness in providing goods & contractual services we would like to hear from you.

To become an eligible Supplier of goods please provide details on the range of products/goods that you can supply.

To become an eligible contractor for services please :-

  1. Complete an on-line induction this provided as a general guide to assist you in setting a standard for safe work and minimising risk;
  2. Provide us with adequate information that you comply with Work Health & Safety (WHS) requirements;
  3. Complete an Engagement Form (Form 1) – request via email to

All documentation must comply with Council requirements.  Failure to provide the required documentation will result in Council not being able to engage your organisations for future works/services.  For more information please email or phone 8569 0100.  Council also regularly hold information sessions for potential new suppliers/contractors if you would like to attend one of these, please advise us of your contact details to lodge your expression of interest.