Big Bend

The largest bend with majestic limestone cliffs on the Murray River

Filled with millions of ancient ocean fossils and abundant birdlife, the towering limestone cliffs Big Bendof Big Bend situated near Nildottie and Swan Reach will immerse you into another world.

Take the picturesque riverside road from Mannum and travel by a free ferry ride across Walker Flat where their ferry side amazing cliffs will start your riverside cliff adventure.   Head a short distance down the road to Nildottie where the Big Bend views will take your breath away.

A popular nesting ground for cockatoos and known as the tallest cliffs and the longest single bend along the entire length of the Murray River, Big Bend must be seen to be believed.

By boat, the towering gorge affect is renowned and an iconic landmark in the Murray Lakes and Coorong region.  The bend’s sandy beaches are a popular houseboat destination.

Above take advantage of the popular lookout near Nildottie where you will see fantastic panoramic views across the Big Bend landscape and is a photographer’s delight.