Waste Oil Collection Facilities - Mannum & Cambrai

The Mid Murray Council has waste oil collection facilities located at
Mannum and Cambrai Transfer Stations.

Both facilities were funded by the Australian Government through the Product Stewardship for Oil Program.

Cooking oil, diesel or diesel blended fuels (bio diesel), automotive oil only and coolant are not to be deposited into the waste oil collection units as these products contaminate the contents in the units.

Larger containers such as 44 gallon drums are not acceptable at these collection facilities. Only small containers that can be carried into the waste oil collection facility are acceptable.

Mannum Waste Oil Facility

 Saturday 8-00 am - 12-00 pm Sunday 12-30 pm - 2-30 pm
 Sunday 8-00 am - 11-30 am Thursday 3-00 pm - 5-00 pm
 Tuesday 3-00 pm - 5-00 pm 
 Wednesday 8-00 am - 10-00 am 
 Friday 3-00 pm - 5-00 pm 

Further information about these facilities can be obtained by contacting the Mid Murray Council on 8569 0100.