Swimming Pools & Spas

Public Pools

Public swimming pools and spa pools are regularly inspected to ensure compliance with the Public and Environmental Health Act. Pools should be maintained so that they can be enjoyed by the public and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. To check out the requirements for pools click on the link below:

Council will need to be notified when a new public swimming pool or spa pool becomes operational so Council can inspect and test the pool water. Inspections are free of charge.

Private Pools

Private swimming pools and spas aren't required to be inspected but it's good practice to keep the pools maintained to prevent any public health issues from arising such as the breeding of mosquitoes and the growth of harmful bacteria.

The Department of Health website has some useful information for private swimming pool owners. Learn more from this link:

Before installing a swimming pool you will need to obtain development approval from Council. For assistance with this please contact one of our planning officers on 8564 6020.