Cooling towers are used for many industrial and commercial uses including wineries, food processing plants and large shopping centres. They cool down water that has been heated and in the process some aerosols may escape. If the system hasn't been maintained properly then these aerosols may contain legionella.

Warm water systems maintain the water temperature at 45 degrees Celsius and this water is continuously recirculated throughout the premises. These systems are used mostly in hospitals and aged care facilities. This is the optimum temperature that Legionella grow at so these systems must be maintained to prevent the growth of Legionella.

All warm water and cooling tower systems must be registered with Council. Council resolved under Section 15 (2) of the Public and Environmental (Legionella) Regulations 2008 that all registered systems must have an audit undertaken by a competent third party annually which includes annual water testing.

Further information about the Legionella regulations can be found through the following link:

For all other queries relating to legionella control please contact the Environmental Health Officer on 8564 6020.