Current Procurement Opportunities

The Mid Murray Council tenders on SA Tenders & Contracts Website

SA Tender & Contracts is the central source for public procurement opportunities within South Australia.

Electronic submissions can be mad using the Electronic Lodgement Service. The site also provides details of South Australian Government awarded Contractors for goods, services and works.

To check whether there are any current Mid Murray Council tenders please visit the SA Tenders and Contracts website

Contractors, please note there may be some delay between local newspaper advertising of tender opportunities and upload to the SA Tender website.

Request for Tender – RFT 20036 – Mid Murray Council – Cowirra Township CWMS

Request for Tender – MMC T014-2019 – Mid Murray Council – Supply and Deliver Of A New Prime Mover (P111 & P193)

Request for Tender – MMC T015-2019 – Mid Murray Council – Supply and Deliver Of A New Motor Grader (P058)

Request for Tender – MMC T001-2020 – Mid Murray Region - Provision of Rubble Raising & Crushing Services

Request for Tender – MMC T013-2020 – Mid Murray Council - Supply and Deliver Of Nine Various New and Trade-In Vehicles (P252, P120, P147, P259, P029, P139, P149, P257, P258, P126)