Council’s Development & Environmental Services Section based at Cambrai encompasses the following main areas of responsibility:-

  • Development assessment
  • Policy planning
  • Building control
  • Building fire safety
  • Illegal development/compliance
Activity that requires Development Approval

Development is building work, change in use of land, division of an allotment, any renovation or improvement on a heritage listed property that may materially affect the heritage value of the place, earthworks (excavation or fill), signage.

The most common development activities are:
  • erecting or extending a carport, verandah or garage
  • building a new house or extending your existing house
  • installing a swimming pool or spa
  • a change in the use of land (ie. residential to include a business, shop to office, etc)
  • excavation or fill of land
  • land division
  • fences
  • retaining walls
  • decking
  • jetties / landings
  • houseboat / watercraft moorings
  • signage

With certain exceptions Development Approval comprises both Development Plan Consent (planning consent) and Building Rules Consent (building consent). The application may be made for planning consent first, with building rules consent sought separately.

There are a number of activities that do not require development approval, however because of the complexities of Councils development plan, especially requirements relating to development adjacent to the River Murray, persons considering undertaking development are encouraged to contact Councils planning or building staff at the Cambrai office. 

For further information contact Mid Murray Council:

Environmental Services Division

Main Street, Cambrai SA 5353
Phone: (08) 8564 6020