Nuisance Animals

Nuisance by dog or cat

Contact Council’s the Animal Management Officer and they can investigate the matter. Please give as much detail as possible and include your name and contact details for Council to be able to contact you for more information if required.

What is a nuisance dog or cat?

A nuisance dog or cat is one that:

  • consistently roams; or
  • makes persistent, excessive noise i.e. barking; or
  • repeatedly defecates on private property other than the property on which it is ordinarily kept; or
  • repeatedly causes substantial damage to anything outside the property which it is ordinarily kept.

Barking Dogs

Dogs can create an annoyance or nuisance to nearby neighbours by barking. When this situation occurs, it is primarily a dispute between two individuals and may be resolved by having a conversation with the owner of the barking dog to make them aware of the issue.  Many times dog owners are unaware their pet is causing a problem to their neighbours and are happy to put measures in place to reduce the barking when alerted to the issue.

If contacting the neighbour does not resolve the matter, contact Council’s customer support to register your complaint, a barking diary will be sent with instructions on the importance of diarising the nuisance.

Dealing with a Barking Dog – Resource Kit