Dogs and Cats Online

From 1 July 2018, Dogs and Cats Online (DACO) will be the central database for microchipped and registered dogs and cats and registration payments throughout South Australia. Follow this link to access DACO

Dogs and Cats Online will also be the register of breeders.

Dogs and Cats Online has been developed to allow pet owners to instantly update registration or microchip details if you move house or change phone numbers, and pay your annual registration fees.

Dogs and Cats Online will also assist councils, shelters and the general public in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Existing dog owners will receive a renewal notice in the mail during July 2018 with their dog’s new lifetime registration disc (replacing the annual disc) and instructions on how to complete their annual dog registration on Dog and Cats Online. You are not likely to receive this in the mail until mid to late July. If you do not receive a renewal notice for your dog, please contact council on 8569 0100.

Registration of Dogs
All dogs must be registered at three months of age. Go to to register your dog.

Rebates are provided by Council for desexed, microchipped and obedience trained dogs. Proof and/or certificates are required to be provided in order to receive these rebates.

Concession card holders are also eligible for discounted dog registration - see Councils registration fees below.

Late payment fees apply to registrations paid after the due date. Failing to register your dog may also result in a fine being issued. To avoid additional costs please renew your dogs registration by August 31 each year.

Transfer of registrations must be requested within 14 days of moving house. This can be done through Dogs and Cats Online.

Please update on Dogs and Cats Online or notify Council within 72 hours if your dog dies, you move house or your dog is transferred to another person's ownership.

Proof will be required for the following concessions and rebates:

Concession - State and commonwealth concession cards accepted by Council:

  • Centrelink pensioner concession card
  • Health care card
  • Veterans affairs gold card
  • State concession card

Should you require further information please contact one of our helpful Customer Service Team Members on (08) 8569 0100 or email Alternatively visit the Dog and Cat Management board website or