Swan Reach

Engulfed by the 56 flood, it is amazing Swan Reach survived!

If you are looking for amazing 180 degree panoramic river views, visit the Swan Reach Hotel perched high on the river cliff which overlooks the 24 hour ferry and widespread lagoons adjacent to the Murray River.

Swan Reach settled in 1899 is a popular river shack and camping destination and the town escalates into a thriving metropolis during the summer season. The Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat is one of the largest burrowing animals in the world and is endemic to the arid and semi-arid zones of South Australia and some parts of Western Australia.

The Aboriginal name for this area is ‘Kongorong’, which refers to the large number of black swans that live in and about Swan Reach.  During feeding time you will amaze at the pelicans mass near the ferry and the area is home to the Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat.

South Australia’s State animal, the wombat is one of the largest burrowing animals in the world and is associated with this region but beware these cute and cuddly little bears can do grave damage to your vehicle so always be cautious when driving in the region as along with the wombats, kangaroos, emus and echnidas are always coming out to greet you!

The nearby Punyelroo Caves have always been a legendary river destination and frequented by young locals in their teen and dinghy years.

Myth has it that the cave is linked to the riverbank at Overland Corner some 111 miles upstream.

It is said that a stranger took off with an Overland Corner tribesman’s woman and set off down river as fast as he could go.  The tribesman chased after him through the long passage between the caves to arrive ahead of them.  It is said the tribesman came out at the Punyelroo Cave ahead of the man that took his wife and fought a legendary battle.

After the tribesman got his wife, it is said he left his spears behind and today the myth declares the two big red gum logs are reminiscent of this story which weigh over 200 kg each and it is unknown how the logs made their way into the Cave.

Big Bend by Night Tours offer nocturnal guided tours where you will see the Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat, bats, owls, kangaroos and even trap door spiders and trips to the Punyelroo Caves and Big Bend Cliffs.

The local Swan Reach Yabbie Farm is a must see and do where you can learn about this river delicacy and the right spot to throw your net in along the river in the warmer months.

Len White Reserve is a popular skiing and boating spot and a top spot for a picnic.  This riverside township has a 9 hole golf course with greens, caravan park and bowling club and if you make your way to the Swan Reach Museum, you will see how the town survived the great flood in 1956 through over 500 photographs.

Free camping is offered adjacent to the ferry and if you love fishing, the only place to be!

The local store is a popular meeting spot and bric a brac and vintage stores operate in the town and Swan Reach Town Hall and if you want to launch your boat, the boat ramp is easily accessible next to the Swan Reach Bowling Club.

Many motorists take the Loxton Road from Mildura and head to Swan Reach to break their trip to Adelaide or as they explore our beautiful Mid Murray region.

Home of the annual Swan Reach Country Music Festival held in late March, Swan Reach comes alive with superb sounds of top country acts from across the nation!