A STARCLUB is a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.

The STARCLUB Field Officer Program is a partnership between The Office for Recreation Sport and Racing, regional councils, health services and community organisations.

STARCLUB Field Officers work with sport and active recreation communities and are an essential community sport and active recreation resource.

STARCLUB Field Officers work with the community to:

Develop and maintain a strong, vibrant sporting and active recreation culture.

Increase community participation in sport and recreation.

Improve the quality of sport and active recreation opportunities.

Develop and maintain well managed sustainable sporting and active recreation clubs and associations.

The STARCLUB program aims to help enable clubs in the Murraylands to actively work towards recruitment and improving their management, growth and longevity.

The STARCLUB - Club Development Program has been designed for use by sport and active recreation clubs of all sizes. The program will be valuable for your club whether you believe your club is already a STARCLUB or has some work to do.

Watch the video below to find out more about this FREE program with over 2600 registered clubs and associations across SA.

See the positive difference STARCLUB can make to your club in these two short videos.

The STARCLUB Field Officer in the Murraylands is Marc Maddaford:
Phone: 0438 973 511