Mid Murray Sk8 Park

Officially opened in 2011, the Mid Murray Sk8 Park in Mannum offers a place for young people to interact with one another and build confident social and interpersonal skills. Promoting health and active lifestyles and a coordinated balance between positive mental health, exercise and fun, the Sk8 Park is a great facility for the family to enjoy.

The Sk8 park provides young people with an opportunity to showcase their artistic ability and athletic skill and includes the following features:

  • A bowl with a deep end  - small hip on each side.
  • A shallow end at the bowl - including a coping to coping spine that leads out to a banked hip with down ledge and into a small quarter.
  • The deck of the bowl - with a curved flat ledge on one side and a short grind rail on the other, with a down ledge and bank on each side of the spine.

Set in a perfect location adjacent to a recreational oval, community playground and public toilets, the Sk8 Park is open everyday from dawn to dusk for all skate, BMX and scooter art forms.