Introduction to Planning

The planning and development section of Council has increased considerably over recent years in order to cope with the demands of growth.  Three qualified Planning Officers are now employed by Council to assess development applications and assist with Development Plan Amendment reports which allow for further controlled growth throughout the Council area.

Following the recent completion of a detailed review of Council’s Development Plan, Council is undertaking a number of policy amendments focussing on amongst other items, heritage, Cadell Policy Area, Myall Place (Mannum) and others.  Planning staff are also kept busy in working with Council’s Compliance staff in regard to illegal developments and compliance monitoring.

Council’s Development & Environmental Services Section based at Cambrai encompasses the following main areas of responsibility:-


  • Development assessment
  • Policy planning
  • Building control
  • Building fire safety
  • Illegal development/compliance

Public and Environmental Health

  • Immunisation
  • Health services and inspection
  • Mosquito control
  • Waste control system (septic) installation/approvals
  • Regulation and monitoring of swimming pools


  • Food premises inspections
  • Food sampling/education

Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS)

  • Coordination of Council’s CWM System installation programme
  • CWMS Maintenance

Regulatory Services

  • General Inspection
  • Dogs
  • Parking
  • Fire Prevention