Parks, Gardens & Reserves

Mid Murray Council is a popular tourist destination and has a large network of high quality parks, gardens and reserves. Council provides recreation facilities in all towns and river areas. These are regularly maintained in a clean and safe condition. Numerous festivals and events are held each year on our reserves, the biggest being the January ‘Sounds by the River’ Event at Mannum which is successful in attracting thousands of visitors to our area. The beauty of the river combined with our excellent climate and proximity to Adelaide make the Mid Murray Council area ideal for events.

Below is a list of public spaces in the Mid Murray Council. Many of the townships throughout the region also have ovals for recreational enjoyment.


  • Bolto, Mannum
  • Bowhill W.A.B
  • Cambrai Park
  • Collier Reserve, Palmer
  • Graeme Claxton, Cadell
  • Haythorpe, Mannum
  • Hermanns Landing & Riverfront Reserve
  • John Christian, Cambrai
  • Hettner Landing, Walker Flat
  • Arnold Park, Mannum
  • Len White Reserve, Swan Reach
  • Mary-Ann, Mannum
  • Mannum Waterfalls
  • Purnong Ferry Landing
  • Reedy Creek Carpark
  • Schwertfegers Swamp, Sedan
  • Seven Mile Riverfront, Mannum
  • Shell Hill, near Black Hill
  • Tom Groggin, Younghusband
  • Towitta Park, Towitta (near Sedan)
  • TP Bellchambers Reserve, Milendella
  • Younghusband Riverfront Reserve
  • Zadows Landing

Camping (accessible by road)

  • Bolto Reserve, Mannum
  • Graeme Claxton Reserve, Cadell
  • Hauslers Landing, Morgan
  • Haythorpe Reserve, Mannum
  • Hogwash Bend, Cadell
  • Tenbury Hunter Reserve, Swan Reach
  • Manunka, off Cliff View Drive, Walker Flat
  • Morgan Conservation Park


  • Big Bend
  • Cliff View Drive, Walker Flat
  • East Front, Younghusband
  • Kroehns, Nildottie
  • Mannum
  • Swan Reach
  • Walker Flat

Boat Ramps

  • Bowhill, Chucka Bend Road
  • Blanchetown, Lock 1 plus Page Drive
  • Cadell, Kings Riverside Drive
  • Greenways, Greenways Landing Road
  • Caloote, Caloote Landing Road
  • Caurnamont, Thompson Road
  • Mary Ann Reserve, Mannum
  • Mannum Caravan Park
  • Mannum Main Street, off Randell Street
  • Pellaring Flat, Salisbury Road
  • Punyelroo, Pelde Road
  • Scrubby Flat, Johns Road
  • Swan Reach, River Reserve Road
  • Walker Flat, Lake Side Drive
  • Wongulla, off Cliff View Drive
  • Younghusband, East Front Road
  • Zadows Landing, Zadow Landing Road