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Geocaching in the Murraylands

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a fun outdoor treasure hunting game that anyone with a GPS device or smartphone can play. It involves following clues to search for hidden containers called geocaches or caches. The caches may contain all sorts of treasure and trinkets to be exchanged, clues to other caches or items that can be tracked such as Travel Bugs.

Geocaching is something that you can do all over the world and it is always exciting to find a cache. You must always take care to keep the location of the cache a secret – that’s part of the fun. Geocaching is a great way to explore the parks and places within the Murraylands area.

There are loads of caches hidden all over the Murraylands many of them designed for families to do together.

Download the information pamphlet on how to get started using your smart phone or GPS unit and check out our geocaching in the Murraylands video below.

To get started vist www.geocaching.com.

GPS loan kits

Don't have a smart phone? Or live in an area with poor mobile phone coverage? OPAL has donated several GPS kits to local libraries to loan out to families to use for geocaching. GPS units have a wider network coverage than that of a mobile phone, so you can geocache in almost any location. The libraries that stock OPAL GPS loan kits are:

  • Morgan Public Library
  • Cambrai Area School and Community Library
  • Blanchetown Internet Centre

For more information, visit or contact the library near you. Contact numbers and opening times can be found here.