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Lost Dogs

If you have lost your dog, it is important to act immediately by phoning Council on telephone (08) 8569 0100. When reporting a lost dog include its name, sex, breed, colour, age and size and any other identifiable features. Also include if it is wearing a collar and ID or is microchipped. It is a good idea to have a colour picture of your dog or cat, plus your contact details and put these up around your local area.

Impounded Dogs

All dogs impounded by Council without identification are placed on Council’s Facebook site and posters are displayed at each of the Council Offices. If you have lost your dog, it is recommended that you check Council’s Facebook site (click here to visit site) and also contact Council’s Animal Management Officers on (08) 8569 0100 as soon as possible.

Dogs impounded by Council are released on payment of all fees and charges relating to the impounding of the dog (pursuant to Section 62 of the Dog & Cat Management Act, 1995).

Should you require further information please contact one of our helpful Customer Service Team on (08) 8569 0100.

Found Dogs

If you find a dog, phone the Council immediately on (08) 8569 0100. Some animals may require daily medication, or may bite out of fear. Some animals may even carry communicable diseases that could put your family and your pets at risk.

Council advises owners who have lost dogs to check for their dog daily.

It is an offence to keep another person's dog and most important that Council collect the dog from you as soon as possible, no-one is going to look for their dog at your house. The dog may be microchipped which can enable Council to reunite the dog with its owner.


Council's Animal Management Officers pick up hundreds of wandering dogs every year! If you see a wandering dog, please report it immediately to Council's Customer Service Team on (08) 8569 0100. Dogs wandering are more likely to become injured due to traffic and fights with other animals. This can result in costly veterinary care. Wandering dogs can also pose a threat to other people and pets in the community.

For information on securing your property and preventing your dog wandering, view the following factsheets:

Fireworks & Thunderstorms (produced by the Animal Welfare League)

Animal Management on Weekends & Public Holidays Only

For urgent matters relating to animal management on weekends and public holidays, please contact our Weekend Inspector on 0400 505 207.

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