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Council has the second longest length of road network to maintain in the State.

This includes 306 kilometres of sealed road and 3,073 kilometres of unsealed road.  Considerable resources are allocated to maintain this network, with a planned level of reseals, resheeting and maintenance carried out yearly. 

Like most other rural townships in the State, footpaths in some towns are basic with many still natural surface.  Regular weed spraying takes place to control weeds, especially caltrop.

Council has recently installed a footpath from the Mannum Green Shopping Centre to the Mannum Leisure Centre as well as a footpath in Sedan from the Post Office to IGA.

Upgrades and replacement of bridges generally rely on outside State or Commonwealth grant assistance.  Maintenance is carried out as part of Council’s Asset Management Plan.

Council has a roadside tree trimming gang that patrols the Council area to prevent encroachment of vegetation onto the trafficable road surface.  This is being reviewed to ensure greater efficiencies.

Streetscape designs have been prepared for a number of towns, and these plans await funding so that the plans can be implemented.

Parking Bays are regularly maintained and street trees receive attention when required.

Road line marking is carried out each year.

On and Off Street Parking

Parking controls exist within the Council area and Council staff monitor time restrictions.  The new Mannum Green Shopping Complex on Adelaide Road has been completed.

Parking & Footpaths - Randell Street, Mannum

Parking and the use of footpaths in the main street (Randell Street) of Mannum is always a balancing act between the passage of vehicles, pedestrians and use for business activities.  This Fact Sheet details the current rules for car parking, use of footpaths for such things as outdoor café furniture and bike riding.

Wharf Maintenance

Council maintains eleven wharves, one recreational jetty and a boardwalk.  The most significant wharf is the Morgan structure which has historical value dating back to the early steam driven paddle boat days.

Boat Ramps

Council provides, maintains and regularly monitors boat ramps along the River Murray.  This is an essential tourist and recreation facility. 

Council commissioned Terry Magryn and Associates to undertake consultation with stakeholders, design of the upgrade of boat ramps, costing and application for 100% funding for boat ramps at Caloote, Cadell, Blanchetown, Morgan, Mannum and Swan Reach.  This will be undertaken in 2013/14.

Capital Works

Most recent Capital Works upgrades in Mid Murray Council include construction of the Cambrai landfill facility; Waste Transfer Stations at Cambrai, Truro and Morgan; Resource Recovery Centre at Mannum; stormwater drainage construction work at Adelaide Road, Mannum and Johnson Hill; Mannum Reconstruction and resheeting works on a number of roads throughout the Council. 

Capital expenditure in Mid Murray Council in the last financial year of 2012/13 was $7,553,289. 

Council had previously purchased the former Mannum Primary School building and through an expression of interest process has awarded the management of the school for community use to Mid Murray Support Services.  The old school building is being fully renovated. 

The State Government commissioned a report on riverbank slumping involving East Front Road and the riverfront area at Caloote.  A report by the State government recommends expenditure of between $800,000 to $2.2 million for their preferred option in relation to East Front Road.  Council is working with the State Government and Local Government Risk Services to ensure a more practical solution at a significantly lower cost.

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