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Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act

With littering provisions of the New Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act, introduced on 1 February 2017, all complaints relating littering are to be investigated by Local Government.  Whereas previously, Councils were only responsible for minor littering/dumping matters, from 1 February 2017, Council’s are now responsible for all reports of dumping, whether on public land or private land.  The provisions of the Legislation provide Councils with greater powers to investigate these reports, along with increased expiation fees, Court fines and imprisonment. 

A new litter reporting App and website developed by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will give power to the people who see someone litter. South Australians now have access to the DOB IN A LITTERER App and website http://www.dobinalitterer.sa.gov.au/ to report cases of littering from vehicles. The App is free and easy to use. After downloading, users simply complete a once-off registration process to commence reporting.

Dob in a Litterer

The second stage of the Legislation relating to Local Nuisance, will be introduced on 1 July 2017, and once again Councils will be required to take a lead role with this legislation.

All complaints relating to any form of illegal dumping or littering are to be referred to Council’s Regulatory Services Staff in the first instance

A number of Fact sheets are being developed to assist Council staff and ratepayers to provide a greater understanding.

These Fact sheets will be available on Council’s website shortly.

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