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Fight the Bite

As a friendly reminder, please remember the following to help FIGHT THE BITE this season:

  • Wear long, loose-fitting, light coloured clothing and COVER UP as much of the body as you can. Mosquitoes can bite through tight clothes like jeans. Make sure children are also appropriately covered up.
  • When outdoors especially when doing field work, REPEL mosquitoes by applying insect repellent containing DEET (diethyltoluamide) or picaridin and always follow the instructions on the label. Mosquito coils can also be used to protect from mosquitoes when outside!
  • Eliminate mosquito breeding sites around your home by emptying or covering items containing water such as tyres, pots, drums, ornamental ponds, buckets and pot plant drip trays. CLEAN UP and dispose of rubbish, recyclables and other unwanted items that may hold water.

Further information on how to protect yourself against disease-carrying mosquitoes can be found on SA Health’s website ‘Fight the Bite’ page. Good luck and have a safe, bite free season!


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